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Qualified Plan Consulting

Retirement plans are powerful. They can help employers attract and retain the right talent. More importantly, they can help participants prepare for a successful retirement. As an independent consultant on corporate retirement plans, The Hock Group serves a growing number of small companies – the heart of Arizona and Southern California business communities – to provide advice on all aspects of their plans. We help to design a customized and flexible solution for our clients, choosing plan providers based on their merit and quality over time. We understand that each company’s needs are unique and we will recommend the most appropriate tailor-made solution, helping employers and employees navigate this often complex but essential component of the benefits puzzle.

The Hock Group is part of Baird’s Qualified Plan Consulting Group (QPCG), an exclusive collaboration of Financial Advisors who have significant experience and expertise in qualified plans. Lana Hock has obtained the Qualified Plan Financial Consultant (QPFC) designation developed by the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries (ASPPA) and the University of Michigan, which provides an in-depth understanding of retirement planning concepts, terminology, distinctive features of qualified plans and the roles of retirement plan professionals. To earn this credential, one must demonstrate a proficiency in the knowledge of plan administration, compliance, investments, fiduciary, and ethics issues, and the completion of continuing education courses is required to maintain the credential.

We have made available the following links to participant websites through this single page to promote your active participation, along with constant contact with our group, to add value at every stage – pre-enrollment, enrollment, ongoing education, rollover and distribution information, and individual consultation:

Baird is not affiliated with any of the companies listed herein.

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